INDIE ARTS:  The DVD Magazine is a new format in media which combines the regular features of a magazine with the incredible depth and flexibility of a DVD that you can watch on your TV.

Producer, Karen Landey videotapes interviews with artists in their studios as they demonstrate their unique techniques, talk about their sources of inspiration and the defining moment when they called themselves artists.  They also offer advice to other artists on how to take their art to the next level.

There are regular features in each issue. Featured Artists talk about how they became the artists they are today and have a show of their extraordinary artwork.  For the On-Location segments, Landey traveled to different cities to capture their flavor and videotape interviews with artists doing demos of their techniques and giving tours of their studios. 

There is an Art Gallery segment which is a slide show format set to music where artists can have a solo or group show of their artwork. Also featured are interviews with people with INDIE ARTIST ideas such as starting a street gallery, an art walk, self-publishing a zine or book, interviews with published artists on how to approach a book publisher, how to start an art group are all segments that have been released or are currently in production.

From Karen Landey: I am fortunate in my life to have the courage to follow my heart. What my heart wants, I work hard to achieve. And one of my earliest heart's desires was to travel and so I did - for 25 years! I found myself in strange and foreign places but I always traveled with integrity and optimism. Along the way I developed many diverse talents and abilities which have been combined into this one enterprise called INDIE ARTS.  My intention is to share my passion for creativity, networking and taking life to the next level with joy and courage.

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