ISSUE 2      





What is Indie Art?


1 minute,

18 seconds

Producer Karen Landey and Editor Gloria Page are together in Portland, OR.


Featured Artist:

Kate Gray



22 minutes, 52 seconds

3-D watercolor artist, Kate Gray, talks about her life as an artist and how she discovered her unique voice through paper sculpture and words.


Art Gallery: Solo Show

Tory Brokenshire



1 minute, 57 seconds

Mixed media assemblage art and handweaving.


Art Gallery: Group Show

Art Dolls


3 minutes, 20 seconds

Student artists aged 7-14 create art dolls in summer camp.


Art Gallery: Group Show

Fancy Fish Fashion Tag Book



2 minutes, 4 seconds

Fun fishy tag book. Group of artists took the challenge to create fancy fish fashions.


On-Location: San Diego, CA.

Leslie Perlis



12 minutes, 44 seconds

Glass artist shows techniques and finished glass sculptures.


On-Location: Santa Ana, CA.

The ARTbar


10 minutes,

 7 seconds

Owner Nicole Steiman talks about how she started her business and her vision for the future.


On-Location: San Diego, CA.

Sinclair Stratton


7 minutes, 55 seconds

Watercolor artists talks about her love for watercolor and painting animals.


Shopping with Claudine and Keely

Claudine's website:

Keely's website:  

26 minutes,

53 seconds

Author and collage artist Claudine Hellmuth and mixed media artist Keely Barham take us shopping to show us how they find inspiration in fabrics, papers, and fibers.


Phoenix Forrester

12 minutes, 57 seconds

Artist talks about her vision to become a silversmith and shows us her newest work.


57 seconds

Call for Artists and credits.