ISSUE 3      





What is Indie Art? Issue 3







1 minute


Producer Karen Landey offers an invitation to take your art to the next level.

Featured Artist:

Marne Adler


19 minutes, 46 seconds

Fine Artist Marne Adler talks about her 30-year career as a fine artist, her techniques and gives advice to Indie artists.

Art Gallery: Duo Show

Textile Artist

Linda Witte Henke

4 minutes, 50 seconds


Textile art using discharge method.  Discharge is a term used to describe a variety of processes for creating pleasing patterns and designs by selectively removing dye from natural fabrics.


Art Gallery: Duo Show

Textile Artist

Cynthia Cornell Wildfong

Email:  Cynthia Cornell Wildfong


Art Gallery: Solo Show

Found Object Artist

Emma Powell

2 minutes, 1 second

Found artist Emma Powell creates books and paper ephemera from salvaged items.


On-Location:  Claudine Hellmuth

Studio Tour

10 minutes, 59 seconds

Claudine give us a tour of her studio and talks about how she got organized. Meet the "children" in her life.


On-Location: Jennifer Myers Kirton

Pen & Ink Artist

Email: Jennifer Myers Kirton

11 minutes, 35 seconds

Award-winning pen & ink artist demonstrates her stippling technique and talks about elements of good artwork for the perspective of an art show judge.


On-Location: Marla E

Sculptural Painter

12 minutes,

 2 seconds

Mural painter talks about how she began using texture in her sculptural painting pieces and how she finds inspiration.

Getting Published: From A to Zine

Carol Parks

Zine Publisher

7 minutes, 41 seconds

Zine publisher talks about how she puts together her zines and where to get info on how to do your own.

Getting Published: From A to Zine

Joe Biel

Zine and Indie Publisher


6 minutes,

34 seconds

Microcosm Publishing owner talks about zines, how to start a zine symposium and self-publishing.


Lisa Engelbrecht

Lettering and Mixed Media Artist

24 minutes, 52 seconds

Lisa demonstrates her lettering techniques, fabric washes and different ways to create calligraphic lettering.


Jacqueline Sullivan

Collage and Mixed Media Artist


8 minutes, 58 seconds

Jacqueline talks about elements of good graphic design and her decision to become an artist. Workshop Info



28 seconds Call for Artists, next issue preview and credits.