ISSUE 4      





What is Indie Art? Issue 4







1 minute,

11 seconds


Producer Karen Landey offers an invitation to take your art to the next level.

Featured Artist:


Susan Lewis Storey

19 minutes, 29 seconds

Multi-Media Artist shares her journey to becoming an artist and how a canvas is a mirror into herself.  She explains how she uses digital collage in her art quilts.

Art Gallery: Solo Show


Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson


2 minutes, 29 seconds


Paper Collage Artist uses pieces of colored paper to create her colorful portraits and landscapes.

Art Gallery: Solo Show


Francesca Signorelli


2 minutes, 16 second

Fine Art Photographer showcases scenes from Florida.

Art Gallery:  Solo Show

Sandra Bottinelli

2 minutes,
10 seconds

Oil Painter creates unique dream-like animal portraits and other unique works of art.


Ken & Donna Malson

9 minutes,

52 seconds

Collage and Assemblage Artist Ken and Ceramic Artist Donna talk about their individual artistic interests as well as their creative lifestyle.


Janet Ghio

9 minutes,

9 seconds

Art Quilt Artist shares the story of how she started her career as an artist and her creative process.



Mai-Liis Peacock

Art Dolls & Shrines

12 minutes, 7seconds

Mixed Media artist explains how she creates her beautiful art dolls and unique shrines using her intuitive creativity.


Art & Architecture
Al Zirkel

8 minutes, 35 seconds

Architect and assemblage artist discusses how architecture, mythology and natural elements influence his artwork.

Getting Published: From A to Zine

Sherri Haab

8 minutes, 18 seconds

Author and Designer shares how she published over 20 craft books and offers advise on how to research and propose a book idea to a book publisher.


Beckah Krahula


13 minutes,

43 seconds

Mixed Media Artist gives a demo of repousse (metal embossing) using pewter-coated tin and talks about the origins of this technique as a folk art.


Laurie Mika

21 minutes, 53 seconds

Mixed Media Mosaic Artist shows us her studio and talks about the inspirations for her colorful mosaics.  She also talks about the process of becoming an author. Visit a ceramic studio where the artists collaborate in making art dolls.




22 seconds Call for Artists, next issue preview and credits.