ISSUE 9      





What is Indie Art?
Issue 9




1 minute,

16 seconds


Artists in Issue 9 and a special thank you to the artists over the last year in this second anniversary issue.

Message From the Producer, Karen Landey

13 minutes,
04 seconds

Karen steps out from the behind the camera to talk about the evolution of INDIE ARTS and where she is taking her video art in the future.

Andalucia, Spain

3 minutes
01 seconds

Indie Arts goes on-location to Southern Spain, known as Andalucia. The warmth of their land and people come alive in this music video.



The Alhambra, Spain

3 minutes,
24 seconds

The Alhambra was originally built as a fortress in the middle of the thirteenth century. It is one of the wonders of the world with its exquisite interior lacework, mosaics, fountains and gardens.

Featured Artist:

Michael Jacobs

25 minutes,
30 seconds


Mixed Media Maker and Author says the most exciting aspect of his work is discovering new interactive ways of working with paper and mixed media. Learn how he began making books as sculptures, miniature books and creative correspondence.

Art Gallery: Solo Show

Lisa Bebi

2 minutes,
25 seconds

Award-Winning Artist has a show of her Mixed Media and Collage Art.

Art Gallery:  Solo Show

Linda Gaughran

2 minutes,
20 seconds

Mixed Media and Precious Metal Clay Jewelry is featured.
Art Gallery:  Solo Show

Kelly Renae

2 minutes,
54 seconds
Photographic Portrait of Andalucia, Spain

Art Journal Group Show

Cami Smith

10 minute,
25 seconds

Experience the moving and transformative work of an Art Journal Group Show that features the artwork of 13 artists.


Sue Robertson

16 minutes
40 seconds

Sue Robertson’s Joyful Art will inspire you to play and experiment with mixed media and to try new techniques that bring you joy. She talks about how her love of art supplies lead her to try out new styles of collage and mixed media.


The Salvage Studio

14 minutes,

52 seconds

Visit The Salvage Studio in Edmonds, WA where they “Rescue Good Junk” and create whimsical and practical art from found objects. They are passionate about reusing castoff materials and combinbing them into inventive new forms.


Suzie Wolfer, LCSW

16 minutes,
25 seconds

Suzie Wolfer, LCSW talks about the process of making SoulCollage cards and how they can help you discover your inner allies and helpers. She also describes how she uses SoulCollage on a daily basis.



31 seconds Special Thanks and credits.