Video Art by Karen Landey - Entangled






3 minutes,
29 seconds

This video art piece is an exploration of intimacy, separation, connection and isolation. Dreamy, slow motion imagery of tango dancers in close embrace is interlaced with people in crowds who remain separate from each other. Surreal landscapes form a kind of intimacy with the viewer’s own thoughts and memories. The idea that we are all entangled in the unified field of quantum physics is revealed in brief encounters of breathtaking intimacy. This is juxtaposed with our everyday experience that we are somehow isolated yet seek out connection with others.

The Promise

2 minutes

This video art piece explores the mythology of the mysterious Blue Rose in a love story that transcends time and space. The artist illuminates this intriguing symbol of perfection and impossible love with rich surreal landscapes and images.

Quantum Dreaming

5 minutes,
23 seconds

This video art piece combines a dream sequence with the nature of the unified field in quantum physics. This results in an exploration of the poetic universe, a journey within a journey and a dream within a dream. This video art piece expresses that sense of overlapping, emerging, morphing universe in a linear way.


3 minutes,
51 seconds


Essence is the ephemeral quality that defines the intrinsic element, the heart and soul of that which exists. This lyrical journey explores the world in which a flower, a stone circle and the imagination all have their origins in seemingly empty space. The true nature of this nothingness is revealed as being alive and bubbling with energy, creating particles and forces that contain infinite potential. Quantum physics discoveries have found that in the sub-atomic unified field, the observer is crucial to its exploration and that it responds to being observed. Consciousness dwells there and contains all possibilities in its constant flux and motion.

I Witness

3 minutes,
34 seconds

This video art piece explores the truth of memories, thoughts, sensory perception and the imagination. The artist believes there is a silent witness that is the space in which thoughts exist and where the viewer becomes aware of herself. Fragile thoughts are caught in a feedback loop within the neural network of the brain. Memories become colored by repetitive recreation in the imagination. Raw sensory data gets interpreted through the neurophysiology of perception and we are forever changed by what we perceive. This is unique to each person and how its expressed and projected into the world is intuitive and imaginative.

danger! danger!

1 minutes,
30 seconds

Recombinant editing of public domain found footage is a way to isolate small gestures and exaggerate large movements in order to have a reason to laugh at ourselves. People in this video art piece are being tripped up, made fools of and sneezed on, but in a good humor, slightly twisted way.

Dream Walker

3 minutes,
53 seconds
In this video art piece, the artist
explores the strange world of mystical visions through the eyes of a dream walker, or lucid dreamer who can travel through dimensions while remaining conscious of its illusory nature. A dream walker is someone who is simply a witness to the convolutions and twists of a mind in free fall.Colorful animated videos are used to create surreal and dreamy landscapes. Sudden juxtapositions of other realities keep the dream walker aware and awake. Unable to manipulate what will appear next in this vivid sequence, the dreamer is carried through the dimensions on a mystical journey.


5 minute,
37 seconds

This video art piece captures the feel of a timeless shadow land, a surreal landscape where the visitor is
surrounded by visions of insubstantial and ghostly apparitions. The fragile boundary meant to keep the universes parallel is breached by a dream of starlight and infused with the tension of waiting and anticipation. The artist used still imagery animated by moody amorphous lighting and a video clip of people walking which was altered to appear as ghostly
apparitions. Through the stillness created by these techniques, a sense of disorientation and resolution are created.

The Billboard

3 minutes
49 seconds

This video art piece features a simple roadside billboard that takes us on a detour into a timeless landscape. By blending and layering rich and unrelated images, we explore the strange world of the unified field of quantum physics, which underlies creation and contains the potential for unlimited possibilities.Finding the startling and entangled relationships between surreal and ethereal elements requires a stretch of the imagination and rewards with a thrill when the connection is made. As the detour ends, the traveler discovers an altered vision and a fresh view of ordinary reality.

Return from Exile 4 minutes
38 seconds
This video art piece is an exploration of time and the discoveries that can be made by being present in the moment. Finding the sublime in the mundane world requires an innocence of vision and a willingness to allow everyday activities and sights to reveal their raw beauty. The fleeting moment contrasts with the timelessness of ancient mysteries. From these gifts of our ancestors we wonder where we came from, why we are here and feel a sense of connection to the past, present and future. The screen is split into upper and lower
regions representing the sublime and the mundane, the unbearable beauty of life and the heavy personal journey through life in which potential has yet to be fulfilled. The full screen images affirm the transcendence of time and space and allow a glimpse into the heart of life. The disconnect between dreams and reality is resolved through the
revelation of beauty in the most unexpected and ordinary places.


3 minutes,

25 seconds

This video art piece captures the nostalgic time of romance when correspondence was only sent through the mail. Using digital collage, mail ephemera and vintage photos the artist tells the story of separated lovers who are sending each other postcards to stay in touch. These precious cards are susceptible to damage and getting lost, leading to wonder, worry and joy when received by their beloved.


2 minutes,
05 seconds

The creation of a video diary entry to document everyday motions over the span of a week is used to explore the timeless and spaceless dimension in which we have our origins in the
unified field of quantum physics. Therefore “one moment” encompasses multiple activities, possibilities and time spans. The ideas of entanglement, parallel universes and how our observation of the world changes everything are concepts that are explored.

She Came From Out of State

3 minutes,
57 seconds

This piece is a spoof of film noir and 1950’s science fiction, using found archival footage from T-Men (1947) and Jack Teagarden Orchestra (1939) along with new video footage, digital collage and motion graphics. The story features a creature that arrives in a sci-fi flurry and leaves behind a mysterious item not found anywhere on the planet.

Seeing Music


3 minutes,
17 seconds
Inspired by dance, fire, and shimmering effects, this piece explores the video artist’s ability to see music and translate it into movement. She used digital collage, video clips as well as special effects to create the rich imagery in this music video.