Preview of Issue 3 – Spring 2007
RELEASE DATE:  April 1, 2007

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Total Viewing Time: 1 hour and 51 minutes
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The Featured Artist is Marne Adler, a fine artist who talks about her life as an artist for 30 years.  She gives Indie artists advice about how to become their own art dealer and has a solo art show of her ethereal and inspiring artwork.

INDIE ARTS takes you to Orlando, Florida, for an On-Location visit with author and mixed media collage artist Claudine Hellmuth who gives us a tour of her studio.  Award-winning pen and ink artist Jennifer Myers Kirton demonstrates her stippling techniques and her perspective as an art show judge.  Sculptural artist Marla E gives us a tour of her studio and talks about her textural painting techniques.

Explore the art gallery with a show by two textile artists, Linda Witte Henke and Cynthia Cornell Wildfong, who use discharge techniques to create stunning designs in fabric.  Also, Emma Powell, an artist who uses found objects to create paper books and ephemera, is featured.

A technique demo with lettering and mixed media artist Lisa Engelbrecht will inspire you to try your hand at calligraphic and mixed media art.  Mixed media artist Jacqueline Sullivan talks about elements of good graphic design and her decision to become an artist.

Also featured in this issue is the first part in a series called:  Getting Published:  From A to Zine, with the spotlight on zines and self-publishing.


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