Preview of Issue 5 – Fall 2007
RELEASE DATE:  October 1, 2007

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Total Viewing Time: 1 hour and 50 minutes
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Video Clips

Featured Author and Artist, Jennifer Louden talks about how to nurture the creative self, trust your creative impulses and the courage to be a creative person.

Explore the art gallery with solo shows by Sculptor Mindy Z Colton who captures the grace, raw power, freedom and beauty of horses; Mixed Media and Collage Artist Elizabeth Parsons explores paper and mixed media collage as her medium; and Mixed Media Artist Michelle Rae Schafer has a show of her Art Doll Whimsies.

INDIE ARTS takes you On-Location to Stampington & Company for an exclusive look inside this mixed media and paper arts magazine publishing company.  Learn how they produce their craft-to-art publications in a behind-the-scenes tour.  Managing Editors give artists advice on how to get published in their many magazines.

Fiber Artist, Susie Monday talks about her inspirations and the different techniques she uses in her fabric art including fiber treatments and applique.

Also featured in this issue is the third part in a series called:  Getting Published:  From A to Zine, with the spotlight on magazine publishing.  Scrap Artist, Lisa Guerin talks about how her career as an artist has been enhanced by being published and how she creates her artwork by recycling and reusing materials she finds at thrift stores.


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