Preview of Issue 6 – Winter 2008
RELEASE DATE:  January 1, 2008

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Total Viewing Time: 1 hour 55 minutes
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This issue features an-depth interview with Artist and Best-Selling Author, Nick Bantock in his studio and gallery in British Columbia, Canada.  Nick talks about his art techniques, his view of the world and sources of inspiration. He also talks about the creative perspective that he brings to his artwork and writing.

Explore the art gallery with solo shows by Artist Trading Card Artist Ronna Mogelon; Fantasy Paintings and Drawings by Virginia Erdie; Wearable Art by Tammara Scott and Mixed Media Collage by Jean Benabou.

Meet Judy Wise, a Mixed Media Artist who has been an artist for 30 years as she talks about where she started and what she is doing today including visual journaling and encaustic wax techniques.  Book Artist Mary Robinson talks about her different journals and book binding techniques that she uses in her book art.

INDIE ARTS takes you to visit Return to Creativity Center on Bainbridge Island in Washington state.  Meet Pam Christiansen whose vision started the center; Sue Bielke a performing artist and faculty member of the Center and Patrick Donovan, who is an artist, Naturopathic Doctor and serves on the Board of Directors.


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