Preview of Issue 8 – Summer 2008
RELEASE DATE:  July 1, 2008

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Total Viewing Time: 1 hour 48 minutes

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Video Art by Karen Landey

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Collage, Assemblage and Installation Artist Gail Rieke takes us on a tour of her studio which she describes as an installation art space. Her work also includes art journals that document her travel experiences. Japanese Tea Ceremony and art profoundly inspire her work and she shares photographs from a recent trip to Japan.

Indie Arts goes On-Location in New Mexico to capture the beauty of the area during winter.

The Art Gallery has shows with: Mixed Media, Fabric and Art Journal Artist Cami Smith; Paintings by Amy Guidry; and Mixed Media Art by Karen Brooks.

Take a retro trip back in time to see the show of Drive-In Movie Ads from the 1950's.

Photographer and Art Journaler Jessica Wesolek takes us on an art date on the Turquoise Trail south of Santa Fe. She offers tips for packing gear for an artsy outing. Collage and Assemblage Artist Leighanna Light talks about her love of creating art and working in collaboration.

Assemblage Artist and Silversmith Phoenix Forrester shows us her latest work and gives us a tour of her studio and cat sanctuary. Artist and Mentor Meredith Arnold talks about common difficulties for artists in business and how to market ourselves as our own best agents.
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