Video Art by Karen Landey - Entangled

Preview of Video Art by Karen Landey
RELEASE DATE:  January 1, 2010

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Total Viewing Time: 1 hour

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Dreamy, surreal, evocative and unexpected describe the video art pieces on this DVD. By blending and layering rich and unrelated images, video artist Karen Landey explores the mysterious realm of dreams and visions.  She also draws on the strange world of the unified field of quantum physics for inspiration, where timelessness and the entanglement of sub-atomic particles contain the potential for infinite possibilities.

Karen Landey is an award-winning collage artist and independent video producer. She produced INDIE ARTS: The DVD Magazine, a cutting edge format that features interviews with over 60 artists. She uses mixed media and digital collages, found photos and footage, original video clips, motion graphics and special effects to create her surreal and mystical landscapes. 

This DVD has 14 video art pieces set to music that range from the mystical to the humorous.  Finding the startling and entangled relationships between surreal and ordinary elements requires a stretch of the imagination and rewards with a thrill when the connection is made.

Karen's work is uniquely beautiful, and beautifully unique. Whether you watch the contrasting pieces separately, or one after the other, you will be caught up in a world of amazing images. The special, feminine touch that Karen brings to this art form makes it entertaining and memorable.
--Barbara L.